Teentaal is unarguably the most popular taal played on tabla. It is played in solo compositions and while accompanying songs. It is also played along with the dance form, Kathak. Also, this taal is played in all layas ranging from vilambit to atidrut. The perfect 4/4/4/4 structure and laya variations make it the perfect choice for a solo.

Essential features of this taal are:

  • Matras: 16
  • Vibhaag: 4
  • Taali: 1,5, and 13
  • Khaali: 9


x धा धिं धिं धा |

2 धा धिं धिं धा |

0 धा तिं तिं ता |

3 ता धिं धिं धा|

x Dha Dhin Dhin Dha|

2 Dha Dhin Dhin Dha|

0 Dha Tin Tin Ta |

3  Ta Dhin Dhin Dha| x

Here is the lehra/nagma for you to practice. It is in Chandrakauns Raga:

Here is a solo in teentaal by Manupriyam Mittal. Notice the 16 beat structure and how the Nagma/Lehra and Tabla beautifully complement each other.

Different compositions in Teentaal

The above solo is an excellent example of the various compositions that can be played in teentaal, which include but are not restricted to:

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