Keherwa, along with dadra, is the most popular taal played on songs. Due to its popularity, it is played on a variety instruments, including tabla, dholak, naal, khol, etc.  It’s primary use is in movie songs and solo playing on this taal is non-existent. There are innumerable variations of keherwa to suit specific songs and laggi-ladiyan are also played. It follows a 4/4 structure.

Essential features of this taal are:

  • Matras: 8
  • Vibhaag: 2
  • Taali: 1
  • Khaali: 5

Keherwa Theka

Dha  Ge  Na  Ti  | 0 Na  Ka  Dhi  Na  |]

धा  गे  ना  ती |0 ना  क  धी  ना |

Here is the lehra/nagma for you to practice: 

Theka Variations

  • Dha Ti Dha S | Ta Ti Ta S |
  • Dhi Tak Ta Ta | Ti Tak Ta Ta |
  • DhaGe NaTi NaKe DhaDha | DhaGe NaTi NaKe DhaDha |
  • DhaDhin NaTete TaTin NaTete | DhaDhin NaTete TaTin NaTete |
  • DhaDhin DhaDha DhaTi DhiNa | DhaTi TaTa DhaTi DhiNa |


1. DhaGe  DhaDhin  SKaDhi  NaDa | TaGe  TaTi  SKaTin  NaDa |

  1. DhaGe DhaGe DhaDhin SKaDhi | DhaGe NaDhin SKaDhi NaDa |
    TaGe    TaGe    TaTi          SKaTi    | DhaGe NaDhi SKaDhi NaDa |
  2. DhaDhi SKaDhin SKaDhi NaDa | Dhage NaDhi SKaDhi NaDa |
    TaTi       SKaTi       SKaTi    NaDa | DhaGe DhaDhi SKaDhi NaDa |
  3. DhiS KaDhi SKaDhi NaDa | DhaGe NaDhi SKaDhi Nada |
    TiS    KaTi    SKaTi    NaDa | DhaGe NaDhi SKaDhin NaDa |
  4. DhaDhi SKaDhi NaDa DhaGe | DhaGe DhaDhi SKaDhi NaDa |
    TaTi       SKaTi    NaDa TaGe    | DhaGe DhaDhi SKaDhi NaDa |
  5. Tihai
    DhaDhi SKaDhi SKaDhi NaDa | Dha,             S         DhaDhi SKaDhi |
    SKaDhi NaDa      Dha,           S     | DhaDhi SKaDhi SKaDhi  NaDa |

2. DhaTe  TeDhe  NaTi  GheNa | TaTe  TeKe  NaTi  KeNa |

  1. DhaTe  TeDhe  NaDhi  Ghena | DhaTi  GheNa  DhaTi  GheNa |
    TaTe     TeKe     NaTi     Kena    | DhaTi  GheNa  DhaTi  GheNa |
  2. TeTe  GheNa  DhaTi  GheNa | DhaTe  TeDhe  NaTi  GheNa |
    TeTe  KeNa     TaTi      KeNa   | DhaTe  TeDhe  NaTi  GheNa |
  3. Tihai
    DhaTe  TeDhe  NaTi  GheNa | Dha,           S        DhaTe  TeDhe |
    NaTi      GheNa  Dha        S       | DhaTe  TeDha  NaTi    GheNa |

3. DhaTi  DhaDi  Gin  DhaTi | TaTi  TaDi  Gin  DhaTi |

  1. DhaGe  NaDha  GeNa  DhaGe | DhaGe  NaDi  GiNa  DhaTi |
    TaGe     NaTa     Gen     TaGe    | DhaGe  NaDi  GiNa  DhaTi |


  • GheNa  DhaTe  TeDhe  NaTi | KeNa  TaTe  TeKe  NaTi |

Ladi is just a part of Laggi (in this case, of the 2nd laggi mentioned above), which is played in Chaugun Laya.

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    1. I had the same question about “S” in Taal description. Also wanted to TY for deciphering various Theka in Keharwa. I knew there are multiple variations of Theka but was not aware of their patterns.

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