Ektaal is one of the popular taals that is played on the tabla. An excellent choice for solo compositions, it is also widely used for accompanying Khyaal genre music. Moreover, the artist has the freedom to play this taal in a range of layas, from ativilambit to atidrut, giving rise to a number of compositions and styles of playing. It has s 2/2/2/2/2/2 vibhaag structure.

Major characteristics of this taal are:

  • Matras: 12
  • Vibhaag: 6
  • Taali: 1st, 5th, 9th, and 11th matra
  • Khaali: 3rd and 7th matra

It is obvious that ektaal shares its entire taal structure with the popular Pakhawaj taal, Chartaal. Therefore, the only difference is of the bols.


Dhin Dhin | DhaGe Tirkit | Tu Na | 0Kat Ta | DhaGe Tirkit | Dhi Na|


x धिन धिन | 0 धागे तिरकिट | 2 तू ना | 0 कत ता | 3 धागे तिरकिट | 4 धी ना |

Ektaal Lehra/Nagma

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