Rupak is counted as one of the more popular taals that are played on tabla. Solo playing is extensively done along with accompanying songs. There is a slight dispute amongst scholars reagarding the Taali-Khaali of this taal. Popularly, the first bol of Rupak is known to be a Khaali, however it is a rule that the first matra should always be a taali. We write this article following the rule and therefore Rupak Taal has no khaali.

Main features of this taal are:

  • Matras: 7
  • Taali: 1, 4. 6
  • Khaali: None
  • Vibhaag: 3


xTi Ti Na |2 Dhi Na |3 Dhi Na |

x ती ती ना | 2 धी ना | 3 धी ना | 

Here is a lehra/nagma for you to practice:


Theka Variations

  • Ti Ti NaNa | Dhi NaNa | Dhi NaNa |
  • TiKra TiTi NaNa | DhiDhi NaNa | DhiDhi NaNa |


  • Peshkara
  • Kaidas
  • Tukras
  • Relas

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