Jhaptaal is one of the popular taals in tabla. It is especially popular for solo playing and in Khyal genre of music. It is often played in Madhya Laya. It is kind of assymetric in its nature because of 2/3/2/3 vibhaag structure.

Its main features are:

  • Matras: 10
  • Vibhaag: 4
  • Taali: 1, 3 and 8
  • Khaali: 6


Dhin  Na | Dhin  Dhin  Na |0 Tin  Na | 3Dhin  Dhin  Na |

xधिं  ना |2 धिं  धिं  ना |0 तिं  ना | 3धिं  धिं  ना |

Here is a lehra/nagma for you to practice:

Theka Variations

  • Dhi NaNa | Dhi Dhi NaNa | Ti NaNa | Dhi Dhi NaNa|
  • Dhi NaNa | Tirkit Dhi NaNa | Ti NaNa | Tirkit Dhi NaNa |


All the major compositions are played in Jhaptaal:

  • Kaidas
  • Peshkaras
  • Relas
  • Tukras
  • Parans

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